Summer 2020 marks the ninth year the California Avocado Commission (CAC) has celebrated California Avocado Month, showcasing the availability and versatility of the premium fruit during peak harvest in June. This year, with extended safer-at-home orders in states with the majority of California avocado distribution, the Commission placed renewed emphasis on recipes consumers can prepare at home. “Consumers are continuing to do more cooking at home and they are seeking recipes both for simple comfort foods and for ideas that break the boredom,” noted Jan DeLyser, CAC’s vice president marketing. “During California Avocado Month CAC is promoting recipes on both ends of the spectrum.”

The Commission partnered with Chef Jordan Kahn of Vespertine in Culver City (who was named “best new chef” in 2017 by Food & Wine Magazine) to create a variety of California avocado-centric recipe concepts. When the in-person California Avocado Month media preview event was cancelled in May, the Commission quickly pivoted and delivered Chef Kahn’s culinary creations and branded California avocado items to the homes of key Los Angeles media and influencers. These personalized deliveries were designed to generate excitement for peak California avocado season and inspire the influencers to share their love for their home-state fruit on their social channels.

To meet consumers’ penchant for healthy and creative California avocado recipes they can easily prepare at home, the Commission partnered with four award-winning chefs who developed recipes they felt would become the next hottest trend in avocados — in other words, the “next avocado toast.”

The Commission also partnered with 11 influential California Avocado Blogger Advocates. Throughout the month of June these advocates are publishing unique recipes, blogs posts and photography on their social channels while highlighting techniques that will help consumers prepare fresh California avocado snacks and meals at home.

CAC’s “Living Well” Brand Advocates will showcase the nutritious benefits of the fruit with recipes consumers can enjoy throughout the day. Registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) Elizabeth Shaw is sharing California avocado recipes suited for any summer occasion — from backyard picnics to holiday celebrations — on her blog, social channels and ABC’s San Diego Connect. Culinary influencer Patty Mastracco will be a guest on Sacramento’s KTXL FOX40. During the two-part live television segment she will feature grilled California avocados as a great addition to classic summer recipes for the American summer holidays and beyond. RDN Manuel Villacorta crafted a recipe focused on a top health issue facing men today: hearth health. His California Avocado Steak Sandwich Recipe provides consumers with a grilled summer alternative that can be served as a sandwich or salad.

Rounding out the California Avocado Month promotions are “The best avocados have California in them” advertising campaign, consumer emails, California Avocado Month posts on the Commission’s social media platforms and promotional videos. These assets will appear on streaming video, digital and social channels to reach consumers who continue to shelter at home and encourage them to seek out their favorite fruit during the peak of California avocado season.

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