UnitedAg Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients for 60 Students

UnitedAg announced the 2020 recipients of the Agribusiness Education Foundation’s educational scholarship. The member-owned agricultural trade association awarded sixty students from agricultural communities across California and Arizona a combined $75,000.

Each year, the association’s Board of Directors and the Foundation’s Education Committee spotlight two outstanding applicants with top awards. Karli Lundberg (affiliated with Babe Farms, Inc.) earned the Maurice McMillan Award. Allyson Tomasello (affiliated with Produce West, Inc.) received the William C. Goodrich Scholarship, created in honor of the late UnitedAg founder.

The scholarship funds are for use during the 2020-2021 academic year and can be applied towards tuition costs, fees, books and room and board. Previous UnitedAg scholarship winners have earned degrees and taken their place in management, government, market development and foreign trade, with many working in agribusiness.

Since its first award in 1989, the Agribusiness Education Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarship monies to over 900 students.

2020 Scholarship Recipients 

Maurice McMillan Memorial Scholarship Award

Karli Lundberg, Babe Farms, Inc., (Santa Maria, CA)

William C. Goodrich Scholarship Award

Allyson Tomasello, Produce West, Inc., (Salinas, CA)

California Recipients


Miranda Devan, Braga Fresh Foods


Andrea Soto, Foothill Packing


Diviana Navarro, Watsonville Coast Produce


Ryan Calbert, Wizard Manufacturing, Inc.


Kandra Salinas, Citrus Research Board


Sandy Rubio, Toma-Tek


Venissia Garcia, Nichols Farms, Inc.

Denver Noell, Nichols Pistachio


Brenda Barragan, Christopher Ranch, LLC


Ashlynn Geiger, McCorkle Farms, Inc.


Elizabeth Acevedo, Fresh Foods, Inc.


Oscar Garcia-Medina, Dover Dairy Farms

King City

Belinda Silva Chavez, South County Packing


Madelynn Reed, Mountain View Cold Storage, LLC

La Grange

Brandon Harden, Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag, LP


Emely Cruz, Church Brothers, LLC


Jennifer Burton, Ippolito International


Edgar Lopez, Saticoy Lemon Association

Cesar Rivera, Ventura Pacific Co.

Arianna Sanchez, Saticoy Lemon Association


Ricky Alvarez, The Nunes Company, Inc./ Blanco

Kenya Burton, Markon Cooperative, Inc.

Lizbeth De La Torre, Ramco Employment Services

Benjamin Eastman, Brent Eastman Insurance Services., Inc.

Mercedez Espino, Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag, LP

Miriam Garcia Cendejas, Elkhorn Packing Co., LLC

Maria Medina, Ramco Employment Services

Selena Medina Medrano, Ramco Employment Services

Melody Neely Cabrera, Sea Mist Farms

Allyson Tomasello, Produce West, Inc.

San Ardo

Aaron Hernandez, McIntyre Labor Service, Inc.

San Diego

Bryan Amaro, Pacific Ag Consulting

Santa Maria

Eddie Lundberg, Babe Farms, Inc.

Santa Paula

Osvaldo Ambriz Magana, Saticoy Lemon Association

Katherine Miller, Saticoy Lemon Association

Elizabeth Miller, Saticoy Lemon Association


Rachel Costa, Foothill Packing

Michelle Flores-Leon, Braga Ranch

Rebeca Gallaga, Ramco Employment Services

Cristian Vargas, Al Pak Labor

Adriana Vargas Mendoza, Braga Ranch


David Fagundes, Bosman Dairy

Jazmin Rios Martinez, Nichols Farms, Inc.


Hannah Ryan, Associated Feed & Supply

Valley Center

Jenna Stehly, Nick Stehly Farms, Inc.


Josef Martinez, Ventura Pacific Co.


Isabella Argueta, Nichols Farms, Inc.

Brendon Atsma, Angiola Dairy

America Huipio-Piedra, Nichols Pistachio

Michele Noell, Nichols Farms, Inc.

Alondra Sanchez, Nichols Farms, Inc.

Brian Valencia, Nichols Farms, Inc.


Jason Gonzalez, Henry Hibino Farms, LLC

Kevin Gonzalez, Henry Hibino Farms, LLC

Arturo Infante II, Ocean Mist Farms, Inc.

Arizona Recipients


Maria De Jesus Rizo, Duncan Family Farms

San Luis

Jaydi Ramirez, Valley Pride, Inc.


Melanie Rodriguez, Duncan Family Farms


Alberto Rivera Torres, Foothill Packing

About the Scholarship Program

Established in 1989, the scholarship program provides financial assistance to UnitedAg-affiliated students in any major of study. Previous scholarship winners have taken their place in management, government, market development, international sales and foreign trade. Some students have gone on to pursue advanced graduate studies.

About the Agribusiness Education Foundation

Founded in 2000, the Agribusiness Education Foundation (AEF) assists members, employees of members and their families pave their way to educational and future success. The Foundation empowers the ag community through financial assistance, business skills education and leadership development.

About UnitedAg

Founded in 1980, UnitedAg is a multi-commodity member-owned agricultural trade association dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions for a strong and healthy agricultural industry. Our over 1,000 agriculture affiliated member organizations network and share creative ways to transform our ever-changing industry. UnitedAg strives to bring innovative health benefits and solutions to agribusiness by meeting our member’s employee health benefits needs, advocating for ag with lawmakers and helping members comply with regulations.  Based in Irvine, Calif., UnitedAg has offices in Oxnard, Corona, Salinas, Fresno and Santa Maria. For more information, visit www.unitedag.org or contact Maribel Ochoa at 949.471.3206 or mochoa@unitedag.org.

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