California Crop Weather Report (For Week Ending: October 6, 2019)


Temperature highs ranged from the low 50s to low 80s in the mountains, low 60s to high 80s in the valley, low 60s to high 90s along the coast, and mid 60s to high 90s in the desert. Temperature lows ranged from the low 20s to low 40s in the mountains, mid 20s to mid 60s in the desert, mid 30s to mid 50s along the coast, and high 30s to mid 60s in the valley.

Field Crops

In Tulare County, cotton harvest began. Alfalfa continued to be cut, dried, and baled. Corn and sorghum harvest was wrapping up. Black-eyed peas were being harvested. In the valley, rice harvest continued at a steady pace and corn harvest was underway.

Fruit Crops

Stone fruit orchards were irrigated. Apricot, peach, plum, pluot, and nectarine harvest continued to wind down for the season. Some stone fruit orchards were pruned and topped.Olive, pomegranate, and Asian pear harvest continued. Persimmons and quince were showing color. Wine grape harvest continued. Marginal sugar levels were reported for some producers in Tulare County. Valencia oranges and kiwi continued to be harvested. Raisins were being rolled and picked up for processing in some areas. Lemon and lime harvest continued steadily. Citrus groves were pruned, hedge rowed, and skirted. Old citrus trees were being pushed out and replaced with new plantings.

Nut Crops

Orchards continued to be irrigated. Almond harvest continued to wrap up smoothly with hardshell varieties coming in slightly below the Nonpareil variety for a few producers. Walnut and pistachio harvest continued at a steady pace.

Vegetable Crops

In Monterey County, most lettuce and leafy greens production declined. Brassica harvest is continuing for a few more months. Fresno County reported processed tomato harvest finished, but is still ongoing in other parts of the State.


Foothill rangeland and non-irrigated pasture were reported to be in fair to poor condition. Irrigated pasture was in good to excellent condition. Supplemental feeding of cattle was ongoing.

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