CAWG Explains New Smoke Exposed Wine Grape Research & Grower Assistance

Over the last few years, many western wine grape growers have had issues around harvest with wildfires, and some have even had their grapes rejected by the wineries due to the smoke exposure from these relentless fires.  Many of these growers were even under contract.  This regular wildfire pattern does not appear to be changing anytime soon, and there is very limited information on smoke taint in grapes, and at what point a crop merits rejection.  That is why the industry has received some funding to conduct more research in this field of study and previously impacted growers now have the opportunity to recoup some of their losses through the USDA Farm Service Agency.  Watch this interview with John Aguirre, President of the California Association of Winegrape Growers as he explains and read more in the September issue of American Vineyard Magazine.

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