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Tulare County Crop Report ( Week Ending: August 17, 2019)

Tulare County Crop Status

Small Grains, Other Field Crops:

Cotton fields are in full bloom and bolls are filling. Alfalfa continues to be cut and baled with some fields on their third cutting. Corn for silage is being cut. Processed horse feed is being exported to Japan.

Deciduous Tree Fruits, Nuts, And Grapes:

Mature stone fruit continues to be harvested. Peaches are being exported to Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, and Costa Rica. Nectarines are being exported to Mexico, Canada, Chile, Taiwan, Australia, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. Apricots are being exported to Canada. Plums are being exported to China, El Salvador, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Honduras. Harvesting of Asian Pears is accelerating. Asian Pears continue to be exported to Canada, Panama, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Kiwi fruits are being thinned and continue being exported to Mexico. Shelled pecans are being exported to New Zealand. Some Stone Fruit orchards are being pruned after harvest and some are being pushed out. Pistachios are being exported to Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, France, Mexico, India, China, Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, and Cyprus. The harvest season for Almond just started. Table grapes are continue to be harvested and exported to Australia, Guatemala, New Caledonia, Panama, New Zealand, Korea, and Vietnam. Some vineyards continue to have the leaves thinned to allow for better airflow and light. Pecan, Pistachio and Walnut nuts continue to develop.

Citrus, Avocados, And Olives:

Valencia Oranges are being harvested in very limited amounts and being packed mostly for domestic market but infrequent loads are being exported to Mexico, El Salvador, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China, and Singapore. Gassing of Valencia oranges continues in order to counter the re-greening. Some citrus groves are being pruned, hedge rowed, and skirted. Citrus groves continue irrigating during high temperatures. Star Ruby Grapefruits are being harvested and packed for the domestic market. Immature olives continue to develop. Mature olive trees are being pushed up. Limes are being harvested.

Vegetables, Melons, Herbs, Berries:

Certified producers are growing Squash, Peppers, Eggplant, and Jalapeños to sell at local Farmers Markets. Summer vegetables continue to be sold at roadside stands. Blueberries are being exported to Vietnam.

Livestock And Poultry:

Rangeland feed and water remains fair. Local cattle ranchers are supplement feeding their livestock. The fed cattle price is at $111 per cwt.

Additional Comments:

Nursery stocks are being shipped to Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

Prepared by: Tom Tucker, Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

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