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Agricultural Leaders Announce Support For USMCA

Agricultural leaders around the Central Valley announced their support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, referred to as the USMCA and call upon Congress to act quickly and to vote on the agreement.  The USMCA would replace the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and offers Agricultural more opportunities.

The Agricultural Industry plays a vital role in California’s economy. California produces and grows the safest food in the world. In 2017 – 2018, 77,100 farms and ranches in the state, received a total of $50.13 billion for their commodities. Agricultural exports in 2017 were $16.8 billion to Canada and $26.8 billion to Mexico for a total of $43.6 billion.

The ability to export, assures California will continue to remain the leading state in our nation for agricultural commodities.  The USMCA would continue to expand our exports into both Mexico and Canada, which would ensure more economic growth in California, providing more jobs and resources to our state.

We believe that the USMCA would better serve the interests of American workers, businesses, farmers, ranchers and would help us continue our long-term good relationships with both Canada and Mexico.

It is important for our California Congressional members to stand with our industry and encourage Congress to vote before summer recess and pass the USMCA.

Signed by the following organizations:

Nisei Farmers League, African-American Farmers of California, Tulare County Farm Bureau, California Apple Commission, California Blueberry Commission, Olive Growers Council of California, Stanislaus County Farm Bureau, Milk Producers Council, Merced County Farm Bureau

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