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USDA Study on Goats in California

California Goats

SACRAMENTO – Starting in July, USDA will be asking goat producers to participate in the 2019 National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Study. Throughout California and the U.S., goat producers that take part in the study will identify practices and health measures that promote efficient production and improve product quality. Gary Keough, USDA NASS Director for the Pacific Region, explained, “The Goat 2019 Study will gather health and management data on America’s goat farms, providing critical information for the advancement of the industry. The results will impact all aspects of
the goat industry, including meat, dairy, and fiber.”

In cooperation with NAHMS, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) representatives will meet with a sample of goat operations in 24 states, including California, from July through mid- August. Goat producers will have the opportunity to receive free biological testing for up to 15 of their goats when they fully participate in the study.

Summary results will be published on the NAHMS website in informational sheets and in-depth reports on important goat health and management practices available to producers. By law, individual responses are kept strictly confidential and published as aggregated totals for regional and national estimates. This year’s study marks the second time NAHMS has focused on goat operations.

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