In 2018 California table grape growers produced just under 117.1 million box units of grapes which translates to 115.6 million 19-pound boxes. The 2018 total marks the second largest volume shipped in industry history, behind only the 2013 total of 117.4 million box units.

The original estimate for the 2018 season was 114.6 million 19-pound boxes. The top varieties produced in 2018 were: Scarlet Royal, Autumn King, Flame Seedless, Sugraone (some fruit sold under name Superior Seedless®), and Sheegene-20 (Allison®).

More than 50 percent of the 2018 crop shipped from October through December, up from 40 percent of the crop in 2017.  The top export markets in 2018 (through November) are: Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.


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