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HACCP Training


These trainings can be offered either as onsite programs or as public courses. If you would like to suggest a public training or request a quote for onsite training, contact our food safety team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

These courses are accredited by the International HACCP Alliance as meeting the required standards for content and training for HACCP.

Advanced HACCP

This course defines the principles of validation and verification including risk assessment of Hazards. GFSI audit standards require that programs within the Food Safety Management System should be both validated and verified by competent individuals with an understanding of these concepts.  This course explains in depth verification, the act of reviewing programs and systems to determine if what has been planned and documented to maintain safe food, is in fact, operating as expected. Validation, determining if the methods identified to produce safe food are sound and effective, is also explained.

Intro to HACCP

This course focuses on developing a preventative approach for controlling potential hazards and for staying in compliance with new industry and regulatory requirements. Our course includes interactive components to help build knowledge of the HACCP process. Delegates will work on products that are similar to their own operations so that they can take this experience back to their facility and put it to work immediately.

This course is also available as a self-paced online course. Interested? Learn more


Our Team’s experience as industry professionals allow us to quickly and efficiently integrate our knowledge of the food industry and related support functions with requirements of the many regulatory agencies and industry self-policing organizations who oversee HACCP and other benchmark programs within the food industry. We can develop your entire HACCP and safety programs, ensuring that each of the seven principle steps of HACCP is adequately addressed, including:

  • Identifying Hazards
  • Identifying Critical Control Points
  • Setting up Procedures and Standards
  • Monitoring Critical Control Points
  • Taking Corrective Actions
  • Developing HACCP record keeping systems
  • HACCP Program Verification

Our HACCP-certified experts have broad knowledge about food safety regulations and how they are enforced. All of our experienced consultants are HACCP accredited and provide affordable HACCP-certified training at either your facility or at a convenient location. We listen to your concerns and prepare a schedule customized to satisfy your unique needs.

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