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Top 2019 Ag Issues – California Fresh Fruit Association

George Radanovich, California Fresh Fruit Association President

The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) recently announced their Top Issues for 2019. Members were surveyed in December 2018 and ranked the top issues for CFFA to concentrate on in 2019.

President of the California Fresh Fruit Association, George Radanovich, stated, “As in years past, our membership has given us strong direction in identifying their top priorities for 2019. The issues of labor, water, and food safety, will lead our list of issues,” said Radanovich. “CFFA will continue to serve as the primary liaison between regulatory and legislative authorities by acting as the unified voice for our members on these and many other issues.”

Here are the results:

  •  Federal Immigration Policies Addressing Current and Future Labor Force
  •   Increasing Wage Costs (Base Wages/OT Thresholds)
  •   Water Supply Availability and Curtailment
  •   Immigration Enforcement (ICE)
  •   Groundwater Management Requirements (S.G.M.A.)
  •   Labor Regulatory Compliance
  •   Water Quality Requirements and Clean Drinking Water Liability
  •   Federal and State Food Safety Compliance Requirements
  •   Health Care Costs (Policy Costs/Paid Sick Leave)
  •   Plant Health Materials (Pesticide, Herbicides, Fungicides, etc.)As always, it will be the Association’s goal to work on behalf of its members to address these issues and many more, in an effort to create a better working environment for their businesses.


    The California Fresh Fruit Association’s purpose is to advocate for its members on a daily basis, which is made possible through the voluntary support of growers, shippers, marketers and associate members. The organization was created in 1936, mainly to negotiate railroad rates for shippers, and has since evolved into filling the industry’s need for public policy representation. Visit www.cafreshfruit.com or call (559) 226- 6330 to learn more.

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