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Ag Advocacy Group Discusses Legislation at Annual Event in Sacramento

Members of the California Women for Agriculture (CWA) walked the halls of California’s state capitol last week as part of the organization’s annual statewide meeting in Sacramento.

“As an all-volunteer organization, CWA is in a unique position to influence our legislative leaders, including California’s Senators and Assembly Members,” said CWA State President Sara Reid Herman. “Sharing our experiences, and how proposed legislation affects us has a profound impact because it comes from the heart. We can offer a unique perspective and legislators appreciate our candid input.”

Formed in 1975, the CWA is the most active, all-volunteer organization in the state, and its members are actively engaged in public relations, education and legislative advocacy on behalf of agriculture. Several statewide meetings are held throughout the year to brief members on current and proposed legislature affecting California agriculture, as well as ways to better promote the industry in their communities. One of the annual meetings is hosted in Sacramento where members can meet with representatives to discuss issues relevant to the agriculture industry.

“While providing food is incredibly important, those of us that are involved or interested in doing so are a very small part of the population,” continued Herman. “Legislation, while often well-intended, can have a huge impact of what we do every day. We all have a responsibility to share our voice and passion.”

Legislative advocacy is one of the three main focuses for the CWA. Before its annual meeting in Sacramento, supporting materials are sent to all California Senators and Assembly Members to encourage productive dialogue regarding current agriculture affairs. After a day of meetings, a legislative reception is held to further encourage networking.

“When the CWA first formed in the mid-70s, it was rare to see a group of informed, dedicated and confident women walking the halls of the capitol,” stated Herman. “Now, we make it a point to come together as a team every year, and work towards creating positive change in our industry.”

Herman noted that the CWA’s focus has now shifted from legislation to preparing for its largest fundraiser event, the Ag Boosters BBQ on September 9th at Borba Ranch in Madera. Herman plans to continue to build organization through fostering new internal and external relationships at CWA events scheduled to take throughout the remainder of this year.

For more information regarding the CWA, please visit www.cawomen4ag.org, or connect with the organization through its Facebook (facebook.com/CaliforniaWomenforAgriculture), Instagram (instagram.com/StateCWA) and Twitter (@StateCWA) platforms.

About California Women for Agriculture
The CWA’s mission is to promote and develop the interest of California women involved or interested in agriculture and to promote a strong agriculture industry in California. CWA’s efforts are guided by five principle objectives: to speak on behalf of agriculture in an intelligent, informative, direct and truthful manner; to keep CWA members informed on legislative activities pertaining to agriculture; to join forces when the need arises to deal with agricultural issues and challenges; to improve the public image of farmers and; to develop a rapport with consumers, educators, and governmental & business leaders in communities throughout the State.

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