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Sonoma County Ag Days Educates 5,000 Students About All Aspects of Agriculture

Santa Rosa, Calif., (April 18, 2018) – As 5,000 students descended on the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and splashed through puddles on March 13 and 14, it was obvious they were all excited for a day out of the classroom.

This year’s theme was the Year of Water and Soil, with an educational emphasis on these elements that are critical to agriculture. Resource agencies and organizations from throughout the county gathered to educate kids about ag and the importance of soil and water.
For many, the most exciting part of the event is getting to see and touch all kinds of animals, including large livestock. Piglets and chicks are always a huge hit with the elementary school students.

This year, Suzann Perry with Fallen Oak Llama Ranch brought two llamas, a one-and-a-half-year-old classic style llama named Indy and Shoshone a nine-year-old full Argentine, which she says is a rare breed in the U.S.

Perry’s goal at Ag Days was to show students how llamas have several functions including packing and wool usage, that each one has their own personality and that llamas only spit to protect themselves. She said llamas are connected to agriculture as good livestock guardians to protect an entire herd from coyotes and other small predators and she finds that llama manure is a particularly good fertilizer.
With students from all backgrounds coming to attend Ag Days, Sonoma County Farm Bureau hopes they will take their knowledge home and share it with family and friends.

It takes a village to put on this event and educate so many children about where their food comes from. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the event and the sponsors who made the event possible.

Written By: Rachel LaFranchi


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