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Mexican Dignitaries and UC 4-H Leadership Honored in the California State Senate

Sacramento, Calif., (April 10, 2018) – Dignitaries from the Baja California department of agriculture were recognized along with representatives of the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources 4-H program by the California State Senate on April 2 for an agreement the two organizations forged last year to bring 4-H to children across the border.

In presenting a resolution, Senator Ben Hueso, whose district includes the entire 156-mile border of California with Mexico, said the two countries share an agricultural legacy that has faced growing challenges in recent years, such as drought and climate change.

“This requires California and Mexico to share resources by providing access to outstanding educational opportunities what will prepare leaders, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals with the knowledge and commitment to address these very important issues,” Sen. Hueso said to his colleagues in the State Senate.

The resolution was presented on the California State Senate floor April 2.

Sen. Hueso said education isn’t the only issue addressed by the 4-H-Mexico accord.

“This is also a food scarcity issue, addressing food scarcity in our communities and in the world,” he said. “Both Imperial County and Baja California are very big players on the world stage for feeding people.”

The first group of children in the Mexicali 4-H program learned where their food comes from. A second cohort will undertake a project related to science. The program is a model for establishment of similar 4-H experiences for youth in the rest of Baja California and Mexico.

California State Senator Ben Hueso (far right) presented a resolution to Mexican dignitaries and UC ANR 4-H leadership. Pictured, left to right front row, are State Senator Jim Beall (15th District), Hortencia Medellin, Lupita Fabregas, Manuel Valladolid Seamanduras and Carlos Orozco. Back row, left to right, are Mark Bell, Claudia Diaz Carrasco and Shannon Horrillo.

Sen. Hueso introduced the delegation from Mexico, led by Manuel Vallodolid Seamaduras, Secretary of Agriculture Development in the State of Baja California, Mexico (Secretaría de Desarrollo Agropecuario del Estado de México – SEDAGRO), and others in attendance to accept the resolution, including:

  • Hortencia Medellin Acosta, Director of Rural Entrepreneurship, Mexicali, Baja California
  • Carlos Orozco Riesgo, Member of the UC ANR 4-H Multicultural and Community Engagement Advisory Committee, former Undersecretary of SEDAGRO
  • Belem Avendaño Ruiz, Director of Inspection, health and safety SEDAGRO
  • Guillermo Gonzalez Rubio, Director, Livestock health department SEDAGRO
  • Agustin Manuel Velazquez Bustamante, Legal Advisor SEDAGRO
  • Mark Bell, Ph.D., Vice provost, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Shannon Horrillo, Ph.D., 4-H Youth Development statewide director
  • Lupita Fabregas, Ph.D., 4-H Youth Development assistant director for diversity and expansion
  • Claudia Diaz Carrasco, 4-H Youth Development advisor, Riverside and San Bernardino counties

“I hope that California, the nation’s leading agriculture producing state, will continue to foster cooperation with Mexico and train future leaders through the launch of the 4-H Club in Mexicali,” Sen. Hueso said. “Please join me in welcoming them to the California State Senate and thanking them for their work in advocacy in helping educate the future.”

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