Donald Norene Honored with UC Davis Award of Distinction

Donald Norene Honored with UC Davis Award of Distinction

Davis, Calif., (October 16 2017) – Donald Norene, a third-generation walnut farmer from Rio Oso, was recently honored with an Award of Distinction from the UC Davis College of Agricultural

Donald Norene Honored with UC Davis Award of Distinction

and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES). The award is presented annually to individuals whose contributions and achievements enhance the college’s ability to provide cutting-edge research, top-notch education and innovative outreach. Norene is a CA&ES alumnus who has held many leadership posts and who has been instrumental in rallying industry support for UC Davis research.

Norene earned his bachelor of science in agricultural science and management in 1973. He joined with his father, Roy, and brother, Jerry, to farm peaches, walnuts and rice, and to raise beef cattle north of Sacramento. Twenty years later, as the cling peach industry was losing profitability, Norene made the bold and successful move to replace all the family’s peach trees with walnuts.

He is a member of the California Walnut Board, which has invested millions of dollars in walnut breeding and improvement at UC Davis. Norene is a past chairman of the California Walnut Commission and a founding member and chairman of the Walnut Bargaining Association. Norene Ranches is an early adopter of research to improve walnut production and irrigation. Donald Norene and son Davin cooperate with the university on research into variety development, rootstocks, nematode control, integrated pest management and other areas. With that said, Norene is well deserving the recognition and praise offered by UC Davis and the walnut industry.

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