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Tulare County Reports on Current Crop Status

Tulare County Crop Status

Visalia, Calif., (October 13, 2017) – Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner released the current status today of Major crops in the most valued county in the California Ag portfolio. They report that Alfalfa fields continue to be irrigated, cut, and baled. Sorghum fields are being harvested. Corn silage continues to be harvested. Cotton is being harvested for lint and seed. Black-eyed beans continue to be harvested.

Peaches, nectarines, and plums continue to be picked and shipped to both domestic and export markets. Stone fruit is being exported to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and New Zealand. A few old stone fruit orchards are being pushed out. Soil amendments are being applied to some stone fruit orchards. Pistachio harvest continues, with exports to China, the European Union, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and Vietnam. Almond harvest continues throughout the county. Almonds are being exported to Argentina, Chile, Germany, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United Arab Emirates. Walnuts continue to be harvested. Pears are being exported to Mexico. Table grape harvest continues, and are being exported to Australia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, and Vietnam. Thompson seedless grapes are being rolled and picked up. Pomegranate harvest continues, with exports going to Australia, Guatemala, and New Zealand. Kiwifruit are being harvested, and exported to Mexico and Panama. Persimmons are now coloring.

Valencia oranges are being exported to China and Korea. Most citrus packing houses are getting ready for the new navel orange season. Citrus orchards are being skirted and trimmed for the coming season. Some orange groves are being pushed out to make way for new plantings. Finger limes are being exported to Japan, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. The olive crop is heavy and continues to be harvested.

Certified producers are picking tomatoes, sweet corn, okra, cucumbers, squash, and peppers. Commercial plantings of Yellow squash, eggplant, Bell peppers, Green Chili peppers, and cucumbers are being harvested and shipped domestically. Fall vegetables are developing well and some early varieties are almost ready for harvest. Strawberries continue to grow. Pumpkins patches look very mature and should be ready for picking soon.

Rangeland grazing is much better this year and helping ranchers off-set higher than average feed costs. The fed cattle market price is down to $104.00 per hundred weight. Harvested grain fields continue to be sheeped-off in the southern portions of the county.

Nursery shipments continue to be slow. Wholesale nurseries are shipping small amounts of stock to local and out-of-state retail outlets. Potted roses are being shipped to Texas. New wells continue to be drilled.

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