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Mealybug Management – In or Out of Sync

UC IPM Advisor David Haviland recently shared some tips on mealybug control. The goal is to lower mealybug populations, prevent movement, protect the cluster and keep the vines compatible for biocontrol (especially postharvest). Some insecticides effective against vine mealybug include: Chlorpyrifos (delayed-dormant treatment), Buprofezin (best against crawlers), Spirotetramat (foliar applied/systemic in the phloem and xylem), and Neonicotinoids (some soil, some …

Ag Students Learn to Bottle Wine

Ag Students at Reedley College Learn how to bottle wine for the first time. The Plant and Soil Science program at Reedley College offers a wide variety of courses that lead to an Associates of Science Degree or Certification. Students enrolled in a plant and soil science course have the opportunity to engage in numerous industry experiences, including: wine making, field …

Livestock Drug Use: New Laws & New Opportunities

Davis, Calif., (October 31, 2017) – Starting January 1st 2018, a prescription from your herd veterinarian will be required to purchase a “medically important antibiotic”. While most producers are generally aware of these new regulations, there is some information regarding the implications for farm operations that is important to keep in mind. Much of the discussion around antibiotic resistance has …

Spiderman Says Be A Superhero And Don’t Store Pesticides Near Kids!

Sacramento, Calif., (October 31, 2017) – Every year, county agricultural commissioners, who handle enforcement of state pesticide laws in the field, receive several reports of injuries resulting from improper pesticide storage. Commonly, such accidents involve pesticides placed in food or beverage containers. One such incident in April involved a toddler in Los Angeles. The girl, just 21 months old, was …

Don’t Miss the Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo at the Fresno Fairgrounds

Don’t miss the annual Grape, Nut & Tree Fruit Expo coming to the Big Fresno Fairgrounds on November 14th, put on by American Vineyard, California Fresh Fruit, and Pacific Nut Producer Magazines.  The Expo will feature educational grower seminars, and state of the grape, nut, and tree fruit industry addresses by Gary Schulz of the Citrus Research Board, Ian LeMay of the California Fresh Fruit …

Replanting the Sierra Nevada After an Ecological Catastrophe

Parlier, Calif., (October 30, 2017) – Given California’s changing climate, should Sierra Nevada residents replant pine trees after so many died during the 2010-2016 drought? The short answer is yes, says Susie Kocher, UC Cooperative Extension forestry advisor. “We have every reason to believe that pines will continue to be an important part of mixed conifer forests in the Sierras,” …

Real Facts on Water Supply

Fresno, Calif., (October 30, 2017) – “There’s not enough water in California.” It’s a common refrain from anti- farming activists who are using that argument to promote restrictions on agricultural water use. Although the state’s water supply is at a high level, there is no doubt that when the supply is reduced, the activists will return to their e ort …

Tulare County Reports on Current Crop Status

Tulare County Crop Status

Visalia, Calif., (October 27, 2017) – Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner released the current status today of Major crops in the most valued county in the California Ag portfolio. They report that Cotton is being harvested for lint and seed, and farmers are expecting a decent yield. Alfalfa fields are still going strong, and continue to be irrigated, cut, and baled. …

Investment in Training New Farmers is Paying Off

Davis, Calif., (October 27, 2017) – Training people to farm is successfully preparing them for careers, according to a new report from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. Their report, “Cultivating the Next Generation,” evaluates the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, which was funded in the 2008 Farm Bill. Since 2008, USDA has invested roughly …

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