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2018 WUD Grassroots Elections – Your Voice Matters!

Modesto, Calif., (September 27, 2017) – Western United Dairymen (Western) is a grassroots advocacy organization –that only works when you lend your voice and raise your hand. We’re embarking on a new era of advocacy that starts with you –the member, and we’d love to have you join our strong team of volunteers and lend your voice to the largest issues affecting the dairy industry to date. Western needs all the input it can get on how to LEAD. Our Delegate body empowers the Board of Directors to make decisions on issues affecting price, policy and politics.

As the largest dairy trade association, Western employs the very BEST and BRIGHTEST and TALENTED staff. But staff is just a tool in the box that needs critical direction. So that’s where you –the member, come in! There are 3 ways you can get your voice and message across:

District Director: We have 6 director slots open for election in 2018, District 5 (Stanislaus County), District 6 (Merced County), District 8 (Tulare County), District 7 (Madera County), District 11 (Kern County), and District 12 ( San Bernardino/South to the Border). The role of Director is an exhaustive one – and comes with serious commitment to decision making on the Board of Western United Dairymen. The
Board meets monthly, the 3rd Friday of every month. Although some sacrifice of your time is required, your role in securing the future of dairymen is invaluable. This role is a 3 year term.

Delegate Body: Recently, the role of the Delegate in our organization has been elevated to the forefront of our policy decisions. This role is designed to strengthen the voice of the membership in each District but moreover –to direct the staff and Board at Western to act on critical issues affecting the membership. The Delegates typically meet 2 times per year, and then gather at Western’s annual meeting in March to cast votes on statewide issues brought forth by Delegates around the State, called resolutions. The Delegate role is voted in by the District, as is the Delegate Chair, who replaces the District Board members on the Board when necessary. This ensures continuity of representation for the State every time the Board meets. This role is a 2 year term and we have many openings available.

Alternate Delegate: The role of Alternate is the same as the delegates, but they need only participate on an as needed basis to the Delegate districts. The role of Alternate is a 1 year term at present.

2018 Election Schedule

  • 9/22/17 Friday Update Announces the Elections Process and Timetable
  • 9/22/17 All Nomination Forms will be mailed out to the Districts
  • 10/25/17 Nominations Due Back to the Office
  • 11/3/17 Ballots Mailed Out to Districts and added to member portal 12/15/17 Ballots Due Back to the Office
  • 1/5/18 Tally Committee Meets
  • 1/12/18 Results Announced in Friday Update 3/27/18 Convention/Delegate Meeting

Any member of good standing can be nominated for any position. WUD will be sending out incumbent information next week. If you or anyone you know is interested in serving in any of these roles, please contact Katelyn Lewis, South State Field Rep. klewis@westernuniteddairymen.com or call the Western United Dairymen office (209) 527-6453

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