Irrigation Delivery Notification – Announcement

Selma, Calif., (September 7, 2017) – Consolidated Irrigation District has temporarily stopped water deliveries. The decision to stop at this time was based on several factors. There is a need to make repairs to a portion of the Consolidated Canal. These repairs are relatively significant and cannot be deferred indefinitely. Despite running water since January 8th, the District has a large volume of water remaining in storage in Pine Flat Dam and it is anticipated that a fall water run will be needed to reduce that volume prior to this winter’s anticipated storms. Total storage behind Pine Flat is very high for this time of year, which could lead to early releases of additional floodwater, which the District could divert.

Given these factors, and the fact that overall water demand in the District is currently at its lowest , it was decided that the best way to ensure maximum benefit of available water supplies with the least impact, is to shut off deliveries now and make needed repairs. This will also allow time for some needed maintenance ahead of what could be an early start to the next water year.

As mentioned, it is very likely that there will be a fall water run which will start around October 1st and continue trough the end of the month. If the season runs wet, deliveries may continue beyond October. Lone Tree (Church Water) deliveries have not stopped and will continue throughout the period.

If you have any questions you can contact your ditchtender or call the District Office at 559-896-1661.

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