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IPM Achievement Awards

Sacramento, Calif., (August 10, 2017) – In 2015 and 2016, DPR recognized 10 organizations with IPM Achievement Awards (formerly called IPM Innovator Awards) for their work in using integrat- ed pest management techniques to control pest problems.

In 2016, the following groups were recognized for their work: Cherry Buckskin Project—a collab- oration among UC Cooperative Extension and the Contra Costa County Department of Agricul- ture, that promotes education and infected tree removal to control cherry buckskin disease; the Virginia Creeper Leafhopper Project—a collabo- ration between UC Cooperative Extension, Lake

County Wine Grape Commission, and the Men- docino County Farm Bureau—for spearheading a program to eradicate invasive Virginia creeper leafhoppers through educational outreach and the introduction of parasitic wasps; the Riverside Uni ed School District for its extensive IPM program; the San Diego Regional Airport Authority for its IPM program; The Pink Bollworm Project—a collabo- rative effort between the California Cotton Pest Control Board, California Department of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Plant Health Inspection Service, and the National Cotton Council—for its successful efforts to control pink bollworm in the state; and, Project Apis m.—a nonprofit organization that funds research and programs that protect bees.


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