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Nut Harvest Safety Seminar Co-Sponsored by Farm Bureau and UCCE

Tulare, Calif., (July 28, 2017) – Tulare and Kings Counties have over 200,000 combined acres of nuts, valued near $1 billion, approaching harvest. To promote worker and community safety during the harvest season, UCCE Tulare County joined with the Kings County Farm Bureau and the Tulare County Farm Bureau to host a Nut Harvest Safety Seminar at the Kings County Fairgrounds on July 19, 2017. The event, conducted in both English and Spanish, attracted over 100 attendees. Due to positive feedback and consistent annual attendance, the program has been offered for three consecutive years.  Additional program sponsors include American Pistachio Growers and State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Topics covered include equipment and road safety, as well as chemical safety and prevention of heat stress.  Course content was presented by Officers Chris Tuttle and Luis Guillen, California Highway Patrol, Martha Sanchez, Department of Pesticide Regulation, and Joe Zavala, Patrick Taylor, Paul Williams, and Annette Casares, State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Annette Casares led discussion on equipment safety.
Officer Chris Tuttle educated attendees on the influence of alcohol consumption on physical performance.
UCCE Farm Advisors Elizabeth Fichtner and Mohammad Yaghmour assisted with advertisement and registration.

Photo Credit:  Barbara Martin, Kings County Farm Bureau Community Relations Coordinator

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