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Ag Equipment Replacement Monies Available

Tulare, Calif., (June 27, 2017) – Buying agriculture equipment is not cheap, and we know that most farms will hold on to equipment for a very long time to make their investment last as long as possible.  However, the SJVAPCD does have incentive funds available to grant farmers to help them replace out old engines, and tractors, and trucks with cleaner technologies.  If you have considered replacing an old tractor, or truck, or a stationary ag pump, please read more below.

Kern County Growers are encouraged to apply, the programs in Kern County are under-subscribed.

Tractor Replacement:

  • Tractor must operate annually 75% within CA and 50% within SJVAPCD. Old tractor must currently be in-use & in operational condition.
  • Old tractor must have a horsepower rating of 25 or greater and be an uncontrolled (tier 0) engine, tier 1 or tier 2.
  • New tractor must have a current model year emissions engine (tier 4) and serve the same function and perform the same work equivalent as the old tractor.

Truck Vouchers:

  • Funding available for replacement of medium and heavy-duty trucks, up to $ 50,000 for a replacement.
  • Must be in Compliance with ARB’s Truck and Bus Regulation
  • Owned and operated the truck for the past
  • 24 months
  • Operate the truck annually 75% within CA and
  • 50% within SJVAPCD boundaries.

Stationary Ag Equipment Pumps:

  • Funding is available for the following categories:
    • Diesel tier 2 going to tier
    • Diesel tier 2, or 3 going to
  • Funding amounts are based on a dollar per horsepower of the new engine motor, not to exceed 85% of the eligible costs.
  • Converting diesel engines to electric eliminates permitting and registration requirements.
  • Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis.

For more info, contact: SJVAPCD at www.valleyair.org, Todd DeYoung Incentive Program Manager (559) 230-5816

Aaron Tarango, Incentive Program Supervisor, (559) 230-5873

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