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California Dairy Digital Magazine: May Issue

California Dairy Magazine: May Issue
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The May issue of California Dairy Magazine is now available to read online! Read the latest California Dairy & Feed industry news and technology.  Here’s a peek of what’s inside:

  • Overcoming Labor and Environmental Concerns
    Keeping Informed with Western United Dairymen
  • Declining Dairies Sour Milk Stats
    Milk Getting Shaky
  • New Pest Management Guidelines for Alfalfa
    UC Cooperative Extension IPM Revised and Updated
  • Antibiotic Use on Dairies
    New California Law Effective: January 1, 2018
  • Common Leaf Spot in Alfalfa is Common this Year
    Why do my Alfalfa Leaves Look Spotty
  • California Milk Prices Continue Falling
    CDFA to Remain in Control of Quota in FMMO Recommendations

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