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Tulare County Reports on Current Crop Status

Tulare County Crop Status

Visalia, Calif., (March 31, 2017) – Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner released the current status today of Major crops in the most valued county in the California Ag portfolio. They report that Winter forage crops are maturing well. Some growers are starting to harvest silage. Oats are being cut, dried, and baled. Some alfalfa fields are being baled. Corn seed is being received in advance of planting.

A few vineyards continue pruning, tying, berm sanitation, and brush shredding. Bud break is progressing in vineyards, and some are leafing out. Fruit development is taking place in almonds and stone fruit. Kiwi vines are leafing out. Pistachios are being sent to Belgium, France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. Walnut trees are blooming. Both mechanical and chemical weed control continues in orchards. New orchards are being planted.

The late navel harvest is continues, and has several more weeks remaining. Navels continue to experience rind issues. Navel orange exports continue to China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Valencia oranges continue to be harvested as slow but accelerating pace. Valencia oranges are being exported to China, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Star Ruby grapefruit are starting to be picked, with most of the fruit being packed for the domestic market and export to China. Orange groves are being hedge-rowed and skirted. Growers continue to net the seedless tangerines to prevent cross pollination by bees during the coming bloom. Some olive trees are blooming. Citrus bloom was declared for District 1 at 1:00 a.m. March 28, 2017.

Many fields are being prepared for sowing or transplanting vegetables. Those already established have increased mechanical weed control. Cucumbers continue to grow under hot caps. Squash seedlings continue to grow under and push through the plastic tunnel coverings. Blueberries are blooming. Strawberries fields are being harvested.

Sunny warm weather is allowing rangeland forage to grow rapidly. Recent rains will continue to benefit rangeland forage growth. Range and pasture conditions remain excellent. Fed cattle prices are up to $131.00 per hundred weight.

Bare root rose nursery stock continues to be received, processed, and shipped out. Shipments of wholesale nursery stock are decreasing as spring shipments decrease. Mature olive trees continue to be dug for landscaping purposes.

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