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Attention Dairy Families: CDFA to Hold CA FMMO Meeting in April

Modesto, Calif., (March 24, 2017) – CDFA will be hosting a meeting on April 4 2017 to gather information regarding quota and how it may operate within a California Federal Milk Marketing Order (should producers vote one in down the road). Quota was an important piece of the coops’ proposal and USDA’s willingness to recognize it within its proposed order is a great step. However, USDA did not and will not provide specific details on how CDFA should operate the quota program. It is up to CDFA to determine that and Secretary Ross is calling on the industry for feedback and suggestions. Western United Dairymen will be at the meeting to ask questions and emphasize the importance of a fair program implementation. If you have questions, concerns, or would like Annie to ask a question for you at the meeting if you can’t attend, please contact her at aacmoody@westernuniteddairymen.com or on her cell at 765-543-4483. Details about the meeting can be found in CDFA’s announcement below.

When: 9:00 am on Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Where: Stanislaus County Ag Center 3800 Cornucopia Way, Suite B, Modesto, CA 95358

According to the announcement, specifically, CDFA is looking for direction on the following questions:

  1. Should all Grade A milk be subject to a quota assessment or only pooled milk?
  2. What is the best mechanism to gather the requisite data from handlers to calculate the necessary deduction as this will not be provided for under the FMMO?
  3. What is the process by which CDFA shall collect, distribute and enforce quota payments?

WUD members are encouraged to attend and provide feedback and suggestions.

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