CDFA Announces Vacancy On Citrus Pest And Disease Prevention Committee

Sacramento, Calif., (March 10, 2017) – The California Department of Food and Agriculture is announcing one vacancy on the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Committee. The committee advises the CDFA secretary on activities associated with statewide citrus-specific pests and a work plan that includes programs for surveying, detecting, analyzing, and treating citrus pests and diseases; as well as outreach and education programs.

Committee members receive no compensation, but are entitled to payment of necessary travel expenses in accordance with the rules of the Department of Personnel Administration.

A committee vacancy exists for a grower representative from Kern County. The vacancy will expire on September 30, 2017. Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment should send a brief resume by April 15, 2017 to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services, 1220 N Street, Room 221, Sacramento, California 95814, Attention: Victoria Hornbaker.

For additional information, contact: Victoria Hornbaker, Program Manager at (916) 654-0317, or e-mail at

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