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Best Farming Practices for Treated Seeds Underscores Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

As planting season begins across the West, Western Plant Health is reminding farmers about the importance of following basic steps that will help ensure the ongoing stewardship of pesticide-treated seeds, which help reduce the overall use of pesticides. This major agricultural advance provides seed treatments that help protect developing seeds during their most vulnerable time – at planting and germination. …

Vertical, Indoor Farming Boosts Yield and Anti-Cancer Nutrition of Watercress

How does it sound to grow plants without sunlight or soil, in racks going up and down instead of in rows on the ground? That’s how crops grow in indoor vertical farms, where nutrient-rich, recycled water feeds plants under red and blue LED lights. This innovative approach gives farmers the chance to alter crops as they like, whether that means …

Duda Farm Fresh Foods Announces Sammy Duda as CEO-Elect of Duda

Duda Farm Fresh Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of DUDA and a leading grower of fresh vegetables and citrus, announces the company’s president, Samuel “Sammy” Duda, has been named CEO-elect of DUDA. This decision marks the culmination of a nearly year-long process led by DUDA’s Board of Directors with support from an international leadership advisory firm. Sammy will continue to …

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