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Irrigation Stress and Early-Navel Orange Fruit Maturity

To maximize profits in the early navel orange market, growers need to have large fruit size and sufficient yellow-orange color and a high enough sugar-acid ratio to meet or exceed the legal minimum harvesting standards. Growers of early-maturing navel oranges in Kern County use different strategies to produce these oranges. Some growers irrigate at full evapotranspiration rates nearly up to …

Grower-Shippers Asked to Bear Burden of Unsustainable Dilemma of Under-Compensation

In the past two years, West Coast vegetables growers have been asked to absorb stratospheric aggregate inflationary input costs while at the same time trying to find a way to pass on 20%-30% inflationary costs, presenting them with an unsustainable dilemma. Without a long-term solution to this dilemma, we could all see fewer vegetables finding their way to grocers’ shelves. …

Fresno Madera Farm Credit and CoBank Announce $30,000 Donation to Central CA Food Bank

Fresno Madera Farm Credit and CoBank announced today that they have made a $30,000 donation to Central California Food Bank’s Feeding Families Fund Drive. The donation will provide more than 120,000 meals to residents of Central California who have been severely impacted by the pandemic and rising inflation. “During the pandemic, we lost a lot of corporate donors due to …

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